AeroSaver® Aerodynamic Trailer Side Skirt

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  • Enhances the aerodynamics of a trailer
  • Reduces harmful greenhouse gas emissions
  • Improves appearance and performance
  • Save on labor costs. Our QuickMount® and SkirtTrak® mounting system allows the AeroSaver® to be installed by just one person.
  • Cuts fuel consumption by up to 7%
  • UV impregnated – will not fade or crack due to sunlight
  • Available in 3-panel and single panel configurations. Panels are replaceable independently.
  • Can be mounted in straight or angled orientations with the same hardware
  • Hardware is E-coated for maximum corrosion resistance
  • Installs with no holes to the frame of the trailer
  • Panels are lightweight, come in three equal lengths and require very little hardware connections
  • The patented QuickMount® bracket design allows plenty of clearance for road obstacles and are easily replaced if damaged
  • Lightweight Green Product made from recycled products.
  • Laminated flexible plastic designed to bend over obstacles


  • Intended for a 53′ trailer
  • White or grey panel color available
  • Bulk kit, enough to do both sides of the trailer, consists of skirting, supports and hardware. Support hardware is e-coated.
  • Optional reefer fuel tank cutouts are available. Contact us for your custom cutout needs.
  • Replacement hardware is also available


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