AeroSaver® Classic Side Skirt

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  • Height = 29.00″
  • Cuts fuel consumption by up to 6%
  • Enhances the aerodynamics of a trailer
  • Reduces harmful greenhouse gas emissions
  • Reduces drag and jerking from gusting wind
  • Improves appearance and performance
  • Low initial investment, pay back is short
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Made to fit most trailers
  • No holes drilled in the frame
  • 16 gauge ribbed aluminum
  • All hardware is E-coated
  • Ribs and roll-formed edges add strength
  • Top edge rolling helps eliminate the dirt from collecting
  • Reefer fuel tank cut-out is optional
  • Black primed steel braces and mounting clamps
  • Must be used with I-Beam cross members
  • Supports are mounted on 5′ center
  • Individual Skirts are either 5′ or 10′ in length


  • Bulk kit, enough to do both sides of the trailer, consists of skirting, supports, and hardware. Support hardware is zinc, skirting attachment hardware is stainless steel.
    • Kit for Part No. 034-02290 comes with four 10′ skirts, two 5′ skirts, and 12 supports
    • Kit for Part No. 034-02300 comes with four 10′ skirts and 10 supports
  • Replacement hardware is also available


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