X-Flex® Multi-Mount® with Iso-Blox

part no. 031-01226

weight: 32.82


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  • Designed for mounting under the fender in a central position using the X-Flex® Iso-Blox® (part # 031-01208) included
  • Will work on most fenders from a variety of manufacturers


  • Allows for adjustable offset range of 0″ to 8.00″ from centerline of mounting tube to centerline of chassis mounting bolt
  • Eliminates direct metal-to-metal contact
  • Uses “Nordlock” anti-vibration washers in 5/8″ applications


  • Packaged set consists of two RoadKote fender-side castings and two frame-side castings, castings-to-chassis hardware, two RoadKote finish tubes, four end caps, four Iso-Blox mounts, four metal caps, fender to Iso-Blox hardware, and mounting bracket to Iso-Blox hardware