Driving Forward

The Quest for 10!


Henry Albert is, above all, a truck driver.  Owner of Albert Transport, Inc. based in Statesville, North Carolina, Henry’s driving and relentless pursuit is fuel mileage.  There’s not a day on the road Henry doesn’t dutifully record exactly how many miles his truck ran per gallon of fuel.  With daily variables such as weather, load, and terrain factored in, over time Henry has learned every secret to improving his fuel economy, and improving his own bottom line as a result.  Henry was named in 2007 “Trucker of the Year” by Overdrive Magazine, is part of the Team Run Smart Pro series sponsored by Freightliner, and may be the only truck driver in America who wears a tie to work every day. Henry is running with Fleet Engineers aerodynamic products on his truck because he sees results.


Saving Fuel for Henry

Tom GerstEngineering Manager

Question: What’s it like working with Henry Albert, and what challenges has he brought to Fleet Engineers?

Tom: It’s been a blast working with Henry. He’s always bringing new stuff to the table. He’s got a lot of innovative ideas and it’s fun trying to incorporate some of those into our everyday products.

Question: What are his main objectives?

Tom: Henry’s main goal is to increase his miles per gallon. Everything he does is to increase miles per gallon. The less fuel he has to spend, the more money he’s able to save.


Question: How have you, as an engineer, been able to help him with that?

Tom: The number one way we’re able to help him with that is with our side skirts. Our AeroSaver side skirts are able to help him reduce his fuel usage. We’ve worked hard to design the AeroSaver not only to be fuel efficient, but to be labor efficient as well. Our skirts are easy to install and easy to repair due to some innovative hardware we’ve developed called “Quick Mount” brackets, and “SkirtTrak” rail. Henry’s been really helpful in helping us test and refine these ideas. The other thing is our AeroFlap mud flaps, we’re able to cut down a little bit on fuel with those. Henry has been reminding us that safety is an important factor as well. The diamond shaped pattern of our AeroFlaps air holes help control rain spray, and that makes the road safer for everyone.



Quality Statement

The goal of the employees of Fleet Engineers is to understand and meet the requirements of our customers. We are committed to continually improve all aspects of our business with the objective of providing defect-free product and 100% on-time delivery.



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