Advanced Cargo Management Solutions for Securing Loads and Reducing Transit Damage

Engineered for durability and versatility, Save-A-Load hydraulic load bars are the toughest, yet lightest, most effortless cargo bars available. Our advanced hydraulic/spring system will keep the bar secure against the walls of a trailer, even as the walls experience the normal flex during road transport.

The hydraulics system has a pressure-limiting valve set precisely so the operator cannot damage the trailer walls. Now available to all approved distributors and fully integrated into Fleet Engineers Pre-Paid Freight Program.


  • Save-A-Load bars hold position even when the trailer walls flex due to road conditions, vibrations or temperature fluctuations
  • Internal pressure release valve prevents over compressing to minimize trailer/body wall damage
  • Easy release push button instantly remove bars from position with one hand, with or without gloves
  • Effortless and safe for operators with balanced weight distribution, no pinch points or heavy castings
  • Aluminum and composite materials are corrosion free and safe in sensitive FDA load environments
  • Lightweight system makes load bars and hoops easy to install, remove and store
  • Pressurized spring holds the bar in place while adding multiple bars/hoops on the same load – no dropping to the floor
  • Use vertical, horizontal or diagonal in many end configurations
  • Designed & Made in the USA!

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