Poly Roll-Up Door

When it comes to the comfort and safety of your drivers, PolyTrak® is your door solution.

PolyTrak® roll-up doors are our lightest and most moisture resistant option, ideal for units that must be cleaned on a regular basis, or wherever reducing weight is important. Operators will appreciate the ease with which the lightweight door raises and closes. Our polypropylene composite door’s weight won’t change over time, which means fewer counterbalance adjustments and maintenance requirements!

With galvanized steel reinforcement channels, panels that never need painting and a material design that keeps it unaffected by temperature changes, the PolyTrak® roll-up door is destined to become an industry standard.

Optimal for use when: Unit requires regular cleaning, and weight reduction is important.

All doors are custom manufactured to your specifications Order Options

Robust Construction

  • Panels are highly engineered with structural ribs on the inside of the door
  • Galvanized Steel Reinforced Channels
  • Interchangeable with industry standard components
  • Tongue and groove wood (PrecisionTrak®) panels can be used to replace PolyTrak® panels

Key Features of PolyTrak® Doors

  • Polymer panels repel moistured
  • Light-weight
  • Blind rivets also eliminate rust streaks
  • Handle and strap backing plate keeps handle and pull strap tight and secure
  • Uses standard flush mount 2" roller


  • Reducing door weight allows increased payloads
  • Weight stays consistent throughout the life of the door, requiring fewer counterbalance adjustments
  • Easier on drivers, help prevent injury
  • Increased up-time
  • Smooth outside surface makes graphic application easy, no rivet heads get in the way

Our Fleet Engineers’ Application Specialists are here to help you choose the right roll-up door for your application

Made in the USA

For all of us who still care about such things, it’s good to know that all Spray Master, AeroSlipper, and CrossTube fenders and brackets are designed and manufactured in the USA, right here at our Muskegon, Michigan campus.